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Experienced on or around March 26th, 1999 - by diamortem
Seance Gone Bad
I grew up in a small house, in a small neighborhood in Jackson, Michigan, as an only child, in a small bedroom. I had a wonderful family and many friends that visited my house on a regular basis. My mom also babysat for most of the neighborhood kids. Everyone loved coming to our house, but everyone also knew to stay away from my bedroom.

From as long as I can remember, even times spent as a toddler in my crib, something was severely wrong with my room. At night I would hear soft voices, mysterious growls, see unexplained shadows, and almost on a nightly basis I would have the most horrible waking dreams or night terrors, or what I can describe now as visions of hell. During these visions/ dreams, my bedroom floor would open up into a huge chasm hundreds of feet deep, filled with fire and lava. Horrible screams and maniacal laughter arose from the depths of this pit. My bed or even back when I was cribbed, was perched on the edge of the hole. On the opposing side of my room, nearest the door was a wooden rocker. In this rocker sat a being, shapeless and shifting, but almost human in form. His skin moved slowly from the darkest black to the deepest wet red. He had no face, but had wide eyes, the whitest of whites and the deepest blue irises. He just sat there, laughing under his breath. I usually tried to scream, but paralysis always took over and kept me standing on my bed, slack jawed, unable to move. As quickly as this apparition manifested, it disappeared, then my hysterical scream would let loose.

When I was about 10 or so, I stopped sleeping in my room and slept on the couch in the living room. The few times I did try and sleep in that room, I attempted to take our dog, or sometimes a cat for companion. I say attempted as none of the family pets would cross the threshold of the room. The dog would pull away from me when I tried dragging him in, and the cat would claw me apart when I carried him in. So back to the couch I went.

As I got older, got girlfriends, had a computer and television in my room, my female companion and myself would spend time in my room, but not with the door closed or the lights off, this was my mom's request, although it did relieve me also.

On one occasion, I had my girlfriend over (she's my wife now) when my parents were out of town. I told her of the happenings in the room as we lied on the couch watching horror movies. She and my cat were buddies so I suggested she try to coax the cat into my room to prove my point. Against my advice she carried the cat and ended up bleeding just outside my door. Later that night we pulled out the bed from the couch, turned off the lights and started fooling around. Something ran across our feet and landed on the recliner next to the couch, as the recliner rocked back, she yelled out a yelp and said your cat just scared the shit out of me . I told her to look up onto the back of the couch, there slept my cat. She left in a hurry, I did not have much contact with here for quite a few years. Now that we are married, she brings that story up to guests at our new house when we get talking about the past.

Now we are past the background history and on to the night of the seance.

I had a girlfriend that was living with me at my parents. reluctantly they agreed to allow this since she had a violent home life with her parents, and as long as she slept either in my room without me, or on the couch. I did the natural kind person thing and gave up my bedroom for her.. ha ha. okay it wasn't exactly nice, but I sure as hell wasn't sleeping in there.

One weekend, when my parents were away, I invited some friends over who dabbled in the occult, and practiced witchcraft. They heard the stories of my dreaded room and I agreed to allow them to try to contact and drive out whatever was there. All four of us were in my room, the lights off, several candles lit, incense burning, various trinkets/talismans, soaked tea leaves, small animal bones, and a homemade ouija board. After the girl of the group said a few 'protection spells' our hands went to the planchette of the spirit board. The two 'witches' asked a few questions, asked a name, and were getting bored of the elusive answering of the 'spirit' in question. They said some incantation and asked it to show itself, we didn't see anything, but we certainly heard a deep sigh, then the air temperature dropped sharply. My girlfriend started shouting angrily that she didn't believe in any of this 'bullshit', it was in our heads, we were inviting bad things to happen, and she told our guests to get out of the house. The guests stated that they didn't properly seal the doorway to the other side and that they didn't drive out whatever spirit was in the room. My girlfriend didn't care and yelled at them until they left. Now this was odd for her, even though she could be a loud animated person, she was very kind and never yelled at anyone that I ever saw.

Shortly after our guests left, my girlfriend said that she wasn't feeling well and was going to bed. I offered to sleep with her in the room since my parents were away, but she insisted I go back to the living room.

I left the bedroom after saying goodnight and giving her a kiss, asking if she was sure she wanted me to sleep in the other room. I grabbed myself a beer and turned on the television. Suddenly there was a few loud thuds coming from the bedroom and a quiet muffled scream. I ran to the door and turned the knob, it felt frozen in my hand. I pushed on the door and it only budged about an inch. I could see into the room and saw my girlfriend laying on the bed, on her back, straight as a board, eyes wide open and mouth closed tightly. She was trying to scream. I forced my way into the room, there was a dresser blocking the door. My girlfriend was a 110lb 5'4 cheerleader that would have to struggle to budge that dresser let alone move it 5 feet to block the door. I got into the room and I saw her stomach contracting as if being punched in the gut. I grabbed her and tried to pick her up, she felt as she weighed 400lbs. I grabbed under her arms and had to drag her off the bed and across the floor to get out of the room. Once we exited the room the door abruptly slammed shut. We flew out of the house like a bat out of hell and into my car.

I drove across town to where our former guests lived. I explained what happened after they left and my girlfriend apologized for yelling at them, and said she vaguely remembered telling them to leave. She said it was as if something was making her tell them to go and tell me to leave the room for her to sleep.

The two witches left us at their apartment to go back to my house and deal with whatever was going on. A few hours later they returned. They told us that a demon named Enlil was using a gateway that happened to be in my room, to traverse from another realm to ours. When they summoned him, the gate opened and a few other demons along with Enlil came into my house and were apparently very angry. They said that they coaxed them back into the gateway and sealed it.

Now I'm still skeptical of what the 'so-called' witches explained to me, but after that my girlfriend moved out, we broke up, and I moved out shortly later never really noticing if there was a difference in the room. Since then, that room has been remodeled into a guest room for my grandmother when she stays there, and also a room for my son when he visits. Neither of them say anything's wrong with that room, nor am I going to tell them what happened in there in case there is a chance that the gateway can be reopened.



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March 29th, 2013 - 10:11pm - from the mothgirl
you know, my screen name is the mothgirl because i am obsessed with the mothman. my moms friends saw him and her other friend slept in the moth house and he went crazy so to say.


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December 13th, 2012 - 9:40am - from CrackaLaFlare
But very intresting story my friend. I think demons were mad that you were trying to expel them from your room.

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December 13th, 2012 - 9:40am - from CrackaLaFlare
I dont see ghost everywhere but I constantly feel a ghost pressence. I see them quite often though when Im alone.

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December 2nd, 2012 - 8:40pm - from the mothgirl
i think my friend herself is a gateway because she sees ghosts constantly. i mean every where.

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May 6th, 2012 - 12:09am - from gi
That must have been terrorfing for you and your girlfriend/s.
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