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Experienced on or around July 15th, 2002 - by chodie
Cemetary Seance

Let me start by professing my skepticism regarding the paranormal and spirits prior to this event.

It was about 6 years ago, I was 19 and school was out for the summer when my best friend and I decided on a whim to take a trip up to South Lake Tahoe in California. I have family up there and being from southern California, it was a prime opportunity to enjoy the beautiful outdoor activities that SLT had to offer; hiking, camping, swimming, mountain biking, that sort of thing. Being the strapping young men that we were, we endured about two days of that, and decided we needed some female company to make this trip more interesting...

So we called up my cousin (same age as me) who was living in nearby Reno, Nevada with some female roommates. She was more than happy to let us crash at her pad and party with them for the remaining few days, so we seized the opportunity and headed down the mountain the very next day.

We arrived in good spirits, and immediately started ingesting spirits (alcoholic kind), little did we know of the spirits we had yet to encounter...

It turns out her two roommates were both adherents of the Wicca belief. One was just a believer while the other was practicing, and who's mother was a priestess of some sort who had been practicing her whole life. I admittedly knew little to nothing about Wicca, and was curious, if not intrigued, so eventually the conversation turned to just that. They started telling stories of seances they had in the past and of the weird happenings that had transpired during them. My friend and I were naturally skeptical, so the girls offered to conduct one, for us, to prove their stories true.

Seeing is believing, right? So I agreed to go along with these two girls to a local cemetery where this seance would take place. My friend and cousin decided not to attend, for their own reasons which I will leave out. The one girl, not the practicing Wiccan, but the believer (we'll call her Bree), had professed a certain "affinity" or "sensitivity" to spirits, so we walked along the cemetery path at night until she "felt" a suitable place to perform. We positioned ourselves on the grass off the path near a row of headstones, but not directly above any graves. In a circle, the practicing Wiccan (we'll call her Theresa) lit a candle and had us repeat a series of chants while holding hands. I forget the actual words spoken, but they were something to the effect of "if there are any restless spirits here, let yourselves be known, etc...."

So nothing happened after about 30 seconds of this. We sat in silence looking at one another, a smug smirk on my face as I realized how gullible I had been to even think anything would happen in the first place. After about 15 seconds of me regretting I was here, Bree's voice dropped about two octaves and solemnly asked "Why are you here?"

Now, I would have laughed it off as acting had it not been for the look in her eyes. She stared at Theresa as she asked this, but then glanced at me, more like through me, and I saw in her eyes, which seemed darker than before, a disturbed look of disdain and anger. It was creepy, to say the least, to see Bree; who not 2 minutes prior was vibrant and jovial, look at me like this...

This took the other girl by surprise, apparently, because with a shaky voice she asked, "what, Bree..?"

"Why are you here. What do you want?" Shortly.

That is when Theresa somewhat re-gained composure and said, "We want to help you."

Silence from Bree.

"What is your name?" Theresa asked. Bree looks around the cemetery as if she had never been there before, slowly saying a name that leaves me at this time, her eyes still full of what seemed like hate.

"How did you die?" Theresa asks.

Bree slaps the candle, extinguishing it and stares right into Theresa's eyes, nearly yelling, "I'm not dead!"

Theresa nearly falls backwards, looks over at me, somewhat horrified, repeating "we want to help you, you're stuck here, we want to help you..."

"LEAVE ME ALONE!" Bree cuts off Theresa's words, almost leaping at her as she sits on the grass, her head swaying back and forth as if in a daze.

That's when I turn to Theresa and say, "End this."

Theresa starts chanting something to the effect of, "wandering spirit, go back to whence you came, leave this body, etc..."

Bree starts shaking her head violently, then slowly, then violently again for about 10 seconds, then collapses backwards in a gasp of air and instantly starts weeping.

We help Bree up and start walking (nearly running) back to the car, Bree sobbing uncontrollably the whole way home. We get back to the girl's apartment and Bree is complaining about how her back hurts. Now, everything up until now could be explained as a well-thought out hoax trying to trick me into believing in spirits and all that, complete with great acting and vocal command, but nothing could prepare me for what I was about to see next. We take off Bree's shirt after her repeated complaints of pain in her back and, let me tell you, what I saw I will never forget.

Her back, from neck to waist, was covered in scratches. I mean, covered. It was like a pack of raccoons had tried to claw their way into her. These were fresh, too, the skin around the scratches was still red as if it had happened just minutes ago. I was at a loss for words, I asked Theresa what the hell caused that, she said it was the spirit trying to get into her. I could have passed the whole thing off as fake until I saw those scratches.

So, we put on a movie in the VCR (a horror flick, go figure). I don't know if this has anything to do with anything, but the movie kept ejecting itself, and the station kept changing to a late-night religious infomercial. We finally abandoned the movie idea and went to bed that night, Theresa and I sleeping in Bree's bedroom to make sure she was alright through the night.

The next day, my friend and I left and went back to SLT. He was still skeptical, even after seeing Bree's back for himself. I, on the other hand, saw something that night that I wouldn't soon forget, and obviously didn't. I only wish I could remember the name that Bree had said, it was Luther van *something*, an old-sounding name. Ever since then I haven't met anyone who performs seances, but I would like to give it a go one more time, just so long as it's not me getting all scratched up. Now, you can take this story with a grain of salt, or however you want, but I'm telling you what I wrote here is true, for I have no reason to lie about it. I thought I would share it with you people and see what your thoughts were, or if you had any similar experiences.





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January 11th, 2013 - 1:33pm - from Magicsunshine
I'll strongly advise you NOT to, that kind of stuff really happens and it is dangerous, TRUST ME and also never ever play the Ouija Board, a lot of bad can come from it.

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March 11th, 2011 - 2:09am - from baiyuxia
your stories are very creeps me out..

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June 15th, 2010 - 3:06pm - from chasingchances
Great story!(: I believe you by the way! And I'm suggesting you don't try it again. Do you want to cause you don't believe in it all 100%? Because you can't control those spirts, next time you might actually be the one getting scratched up. Or worse, you could be possessed, and stay possessed for a while. If you decide to do it again, be prepared.

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April 29th, 2010 - 9:32am - from Hyrue
Good story but not very scary though i mean the scartches happes alot in almost every (drastic)Experence i have but yes indeed it was a good story grats that u posted your experience with this.

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February 2nd, 2010 - 11:28pm - from ZombieLotus87
Niice! I loved it, I love a good ghost story. Im so glad that spirit didnt hurt you, and well.. that poor girl. Im just glad it didnt end up doing something worse.

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November 30th, 2008 - 6:48am - from Rhonda
Great story! I believe you. Although I think it would be stupid of you to try that again, I am curious as to whether you have. So have you?

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August 9th, 2008 - 1:56pm - from bubbles<3
i belive you.

dont try doing it again tho.


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July 25th, 2008 - 11:39am - from I_AM_NoBodY
I'm going to go with shadow on this one. Don't be stupid. really. It is plain as day that this thing is evil. You really think it did that to someone as spiritually strong as whats her face. I'm sorry but if you do try channeling this...thing again, you will be put on the top of my list of stupid people. Just my opinion

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July 22nd, 2008 - 5:38pm - from lteasley
Hey that was a great story. Sounds to me like she may have had some sort of evil or very angry spirit inside of her. It reminds me of the time my husband was fighting off demon possesion. He came hoem one night from work and told me to get the kids and get out because he didnt know what he would do if he couldnt fight it off. His voice changed and he started crying and shaking violently. I had to call a lady we know that we know that is very in touch with God and she talked to him. She told him to say "Jesus" and when he tried it was like he would choke or something. He couldnt get it out. He finally after about 10 or so tries was able to say it and then his voice changed back and he stopped shaking. It took awhile but he finally calmed down and was fine.

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July 22nd, 2008 - 6:45am - from chodie
Thank you for your kind words.

After what I saw that night, becoming a medium for possession is the furthest thing from my mind. I like my back and am perfectly fine with it being unscathed.

I was, however, intrigued enough by the incident to be willing to attend another seance, but as I said, so long as I'm not the one getting scratched up.


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July 22nd, 2008 - 6:21am - from ShadowPeregrinus
Awesome. Kind of... story's awesome... situation sucked.

Please be the smart one dude... don't start conducting yourself as the medium... I personally have a thing against people who purposefully seek out the spirits to allow them to be conducted through their bodies. It's like being a blind person inviting strangers into his house. Though some of these spirits may be decent... some are just plain old f****** evil.


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July 17th, 2008 - 8:48pm - from chodie
Thank you.

No, the only pictures I have are mental ones. I didn't think of it at the time, but in retrospect, I wish I would have taken some pictures of her back; it was like nothing I had ever seen before, like an animal tried to maul her. Really freaky stuff.


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July 17th, 2008 - 1:43pm - from Slayer69
Great story man! Well written. Sounds like it could be a script for a movie. You wouldn't happen to have any pictures of that incident would you?
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