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Experienced on or around July 17th, 2008 - by xxnessaxx123
Night Hag
One night I was sleeping in my bed and I woke up from a dream that I had. I turned over on my left side and then all of a sudden I felt that I couldn't move. My whole body (mouth,arms, legs,feet,head,) was paralyzed except my fingers. I started to wiggle them around and tried to keep my eyes open. (they were too heavy to keep open) every time they would fall shut I felt this bouncing on top of my body that shook my bed up and down. I still tried to keep them open but it was getting too hard. I felt that if I let them shut I would fall into a dark dream and never wake up. So I started to scream, but nothing would come out. All that would come out was a pathetic whimper. I couldn't even move my lips.

After about 1 minute of this torture. I was released form the tight hold and I quickly jump out of bed. At least I thought I did. I remember getting up running to get my mom in the kitchen and then crying to her telling her what happened. I had tears in my eyes so when I closed them to dab my tears away, I found myself back in my bed still paralyzed. It was like some evil fore was teasing me with the happy thought of being released just to pull me back. there was a loud ringing noise getting louder and louder.

Finally after like 2 minutes, I was released. When I rolled out of bed, started to slap myself. Because my last hallucination of me getting out of bed was so realistic I had to be sure this was real. Then in the back of my had I heard a woman say "Once the simulation is complete there is usually a parting gift under the bed.

I never checked under my bed since then

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January 4th, 2009 - 1:55pm - from tyler
A night hag is always neutral evil. A night hag has an array of magical powers, and can transmit a disease called "demon fever" by biting a victim. Night hags are also able to torment chaotic or evil individuals by invading their dreams using a special item called a "heartstone." This process eventually transforms the victim into a larva unless some force capable of affecting ethereal beings puts a stop to it.

Night hags are believed to have created the altraloths, powerful unique yugoloths.

Night Hags, being exclusively female, can only reproduce by mating with a male member of another species, typically a member of a civilized race.[citation needed] The hag often slays her mate. The child born looks like a normal member of her species with black or blue hair and is often given into foster care by the hag disguised as a normal woman. When the young girl reaches puberty, the mother Night Hag might visit the child several times and, after several rituals, transforms her offspring into another hag. Interrupting one of the thirteen rituals that takes place ceases the process of transformation.

For reasons unknown, some night hags give birth to accursed offspring known as dusk hags. (see Eberron campaign setting)

Cegilune is the goddess of the night hags, or possibly just the most powerful one of their kind who has since gained a shred of divinity


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January 4th, 2009 - 1:51pm - from tyler
scary maybe u could tie a video camera 2 a fishing rod and throw it under the bed but have a tv crew and many people near u take the camera out and record the video but i wouldnt

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December 30th, 2008 - 7:24am - from Hana
Horrible. I've heard of stories like this. All the victims said there was an ugly ragged old woman sitting on top of them or heared woman's voice.

Did it happen to you again? Did your parents believe you? I read that one man, who had the same attack, said the attacks didn't stop or years.

Oh, I would never look under my bed again too!

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