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Experienced on or around July 9th, 1999 - by Polly
A very true regretful event.

I had this upstairs apartment neighbor who was an elderly grandfather type of man. He would drop by once or twice a week to just sit with me in my livingroom and chat. He would tell me things about his life, I shared too. There are lots of things I am afraid to mention on here, for many reasons. I am sure you can understand why. I usually don't tell anyone about this anymore because i've been told insulting things from disbelievers. I get it that I can reveal it here. I am not making any of it up. I have nothing to gain except ridicule and I am a very private person.

"Grandpa" told me about things that had not happened yet. He knew things he could not possibly know about with major global events and also personal occurances of my own that had not happened yet. Over the years as all these predictions of his came true and I mean every single one of them, I became more afraid. Really paranoid. Did he seek me out because of my own unique experiences? Perhaps because of my past and types of influential people my family has known? There were many. I know I will never have my complete answer in this lifetime. I think about that "grandpa" alot. I push the experience out of my mind and it keeps coming back. For example: (and this one is the only one I feel comfortable sharing) Before the California governor election I had gone to tell the authorities about all the things this "grandpa" had told me including that he had said Arnold Swarzenegger would run for governor. The authorities just laughed at me. I bet they are not laughing now. They probably wish they had not thrown out the little notebook of all the things he had told me that they asked me to write down. I know they threw it away telling themselves I was crazy. I'm too afraid to mention why I know they threw it out.

I saw the movie The Mothman Prophecies and even as I type this my skin crawls and I get shivers on my back. It was as if I met that thing in human form. No whisperings into tape recorders or telephones but actual live interactions in my livingroom. I don't know why. The one line in that movie that sticks with me the most is the theory that maybe this creature sees more towering above us all, like how we look at ants and see whats coming for them.

This "Grandpa" was evil. That is all I feel confortable saying. I do not want him to find me and hurt me or tell me more stuff. I did what I could to warn the authorities and they scoffed at me, just like in that movie. Now the events that he had told me would happen have all been completed and done and gone. I did see him again in 1999. I lived in a completely different part of town and in my own house, a house I had forgotten he had told me about already. How could he have known I would live there? While walking down the street there he was just standing on the other side just smiling and staring at me with a twinkle in his eye. I acted like I did not know who he was and I have not seen him since then. I do not live there in that house anymore but I am scared anyway.


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March 23rd, 2010 - 9:47am - from the new breed
no.....he was the mothman....only this spirit of terrible knowlage would impart such things to a mere man....and not one of power.....i have learned about this creature and it works through is not evil...not good....but impartial........if it scares you it ammuses it......thats the way it has been around for longer than you or me......or anyone save the other spirit of knowlage...the owlman of mawnan....but the differance between the two should be quite clear....the owlman is a malevolent spirit....and as i said, the mothman is quite is bored and wants to share its should be grateful not scared that it wants to find you....or that it ever found you at all

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October 20th, 2009 - 7:55pm - from Eclipse
i think you fufill some kind of prophecy and he is trying to get you to do something for him. be careful. i have seen people possesed that can tell me things that haven't happened yet like the end of the world. i know how it ends and i won't be afraid to share if you really want to know. i think this "grandpa" may be a demon in human form.

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October 19th, 2009 - 5:47pm - from kathleen
why do you think he told you about all of this[ grandpa] there has to be some kind of reason, maybe to change some of the bad stuff that was going to happen, good luck, and if you need someone to talk to you more than welcomed to email me [

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September 6th, 2009 - 4:25am - from Polly
Too afraid for many reasons.

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September 6th, 2009 - 4:12am - from xXSup3rXNaTuraLXx
Wow, great story.. I wish you could tell about other events that "" Grandpa" predicted.
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